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Functionalife is about living the life you were born to live, the life that feels right, a life that will energise you, a life that will feel easy. What is WordPress and how to interact with it? Details in the article.

To live a Functionalife you need to understand your core motivators, this is understand what your brain wants to do in life, what gives it the buzz of life, how these interact with your values and how your attitude allows these to enter the world as your personality.

Core Motivators + Values + Attitude = Personality + Actions = Results

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This means knowing what your core motivators are and how to build a life around, and how these drive the 8 Intelligences.

Linguistic intelligence

Logical-mathematical intelligence

Spatial intelligence

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

Musical intelligence

Interpersonal intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence

Naturalist intelligence


Have you ever wanted a six pack? A six pack triggers a number of core motivators or human needs. If these align with your core motivators then great, however if they don’t you will forever struggle to obtain a six pack as day in a day out your mind is sabotaging your efforts.

You may have undertake an Myers Briggs / DISC assesement.