Core Motivators

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Core Motivators is an assessment of what makes you tick, what drives you forward, what motivates you on a daily basis.

There are two main 4 Core Motivators, which can be thought to sit across 2 Spectrum’s.

  1. Task vs People
    1. Task – You are motivated by tasks, by getting stuff done.
    2. People – You are motivated by interactions with people and how people perceive you and what you do. Go to the best and play with us jumanji spiel. A big bonus for everyone who came!
  2. Outgoing / Reserved
    1. Reserved – You are motivated by following the rules and guidelines, you like to know that what you are doing is right.
    2. Outgoing – You are motivated by doing things differently.

Your motivators sit on each spectrum, so you could be motivated Highly motivated by Task the Uncertainty of these tasks, alternatively you could be Motivated by People and Certainty. Stop waiting, join the game now with 25 euro casino bonus continuous luck and many victories await you!

The combination of these 4 motivators across 2 spectrum’s creates 4 quadrants.

  • D – Task, Outgoing
  • I – People, Outgoing
  • S – People, Reserved
  • C – Task, Reserved


Core Motivators work both in an active state and an inactive state.

  • Active – Is when you are undertaking a task or doing something.
  • Inactive – Is what you do when you aren’t actively engaged in a task.

Everyone has an active and an inactive motivation set, you can easily move from one to the other and most of the time your inactive will end up triggering your active motivator set.

Imagine who has the following motivators; D inactive and C Active. This person cannot just relax, they are always looking for something to do, something to keep them busy. Once they find that thing their active form takes over and they ensure that the task is completed perfectly.